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dental scrap
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dental scrap
dental scrap
dental scrap
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Mail-In Service
dental scrap
Mail-In Services
dental scrap

Hannover provides supplies to dental offices and labs for safe secure storage and postage paid shipping of your dental scrap. Fill out this form to have an
Office Direct Kit sent to you, free of charge. If you prefer to ship your metals with your own packaging, print our Office Direct Form. It will outline instructions for packaging and shipping your dental scrap metals to us. We will reimburse your shipping costs.

Request a Patient Direct Kit for your office. Your patients will appreciate and benefit from your referral to utilize Hannover's refining services. You will receive a ten percent commission based on the gross value of the dental scrap sent to us. Commissions can be paid by any of our Payment Options. Commission payments are sent twice per year on June 1st and December 1st.
Mail-In Checklist:

  • Fill out Office Direct Mail-In Form
  • Print 2 copies - retain a copy for your records
  • Package your shipment
  • Include signed original Office Direct Form with shipment
  • Seal Package
  • Label package with ship to address
  • Mail your shipment via the US Postal Service or
    ship your package via UPS.
    • Package your crown and bridge, gold partials, PFM’s in a box, padded or manila envelope.
    • If your metals have sharp edges wrap them in paper or plastic bag to prevent punctures.
    • Grindings, Sweeps, Powders or Flakes should be sealed in a plastic bag. Double bag if needed.
    • Tape the box or envelope securely.

      US Postal Mail:
      Hannover Dental Refiners
      P.O. Box 1122
      Brooklandville, MD 21022-1122

      - or -
      UPS Shipments :
      Hannover Dental Refiners
      20 West Cross Street
      Baltimore, MD 21230

    Office Direct Form

    Fill out the electronic form and print it.

    We offer free supplies to assist in storage and shipping of your metals.
    • Jars
    • Safety Mailing Envelopes
    • Patient Direct Envelopes
    • Receipts
    • Drums
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    dental scrap
    dental scrap