dental scrap
dental scrap
Crown and Bridge
Silver Temporaries
Lab Grindings
Filter Bags
dental scrap
dental scrap
dental scrap
Take advantage of our
Mail-In Service
dental scrap
Mail-In Services
dental scrap
Office Direct Kit
Our puncture resistent bags ensure secure delivery of your dental scrap.
dental scrap
Patient Direct Kit
It's simple. Fill out and print the short mail form, and put your scrap into our one of our secure envelopes.
Patient Direct Kit for Offices
Hand them out to your patients as a value added service.
Storage Jars
Use our jars for storage and added safety when sending larger amounts of dental scrap.
For labs who generate larger volumes of scrap we have drums available. Request one today!
Special Requests
If our standard supplies do not meet your needs, please advise us of any special requirments you have. A representative will contact you to discuss
your requirements.
Hannover provides free supplies to assist with safe, secure storage and free postage paid shipping of your dental scrap.
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dental scrap
dental scrap